Saturday, July 23, 2016

Photography in the New Era

The Digital Camera was once a modern means of taking photographs. And you could use a USB cable to upload them to your PC/laptop. But now in the new era, there is a cooler way to photograph oneself. You have probably guessed it. Read on to find out what I talk about.

Remembering to take the digital camera whenever you are going to a party, get-together, function or a picnic seemed like a hassle to me. With so much to think about and prepare for these occasions, the camera was the first thing that used to slip off my mind and in vain, all those beautiful and memorable moments could not be captured by me. Nevertheless some of these could be retrieved from somebody else's camera.

But now in the modern age, you no longer need to carry a camera with you. Your cell phone has everything you need. Taking a selfie with your cell phone is very much popular nowadays. I find it convenient too because it is something I will never forget to take along with my accessories but even if I do, that will only happen in rare cases. It is a part of my everyday essential belongings whenever and wherever I go.

Also before going out to a wedding or birthday party, I am well dressed. So I take the opportunity of taking a selfie with my best looks and upload them to my laptop using a USB cable, which is also possible with these cell phones, and I resize, crop and edit them in any way I like on my laptop and use these photos anywhere I need to post online.

Since everything is digital and online, gone are those days when you really need hardcopy photos. A selfie is a lot better, easier and convenient to handle. I simply love to take selfies. I don't grab everything with the flow of the new era but taking selfies is something I really enjoy and cannot remain separate from it - ha, ha.

But of course, the cell phones not only allow you to take selfies but also capture others' photos in their environments, and nature environments too which are equally fun and entertaining because you can also put various effects on them and make the pictures even more stunning and save and savor these in a good and secure place, only to look back at them in complete awe from years beyond.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, talking about modern photography in the new era and how taking selfies with cell phones has become so much popular, gradually replacing the digital camera.

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