Friday, July 15, 2016

How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is truly a special day and your photographs are the timeless memento of this once in a lifetime joy. It is probably difficult for any couple to choose an ideal destination wedding photographer for their wedding day. Most of the people do extensive research before appointing a photographer, because they charge a huge amount and specialize in a number of different styles. They also provide various levels of service according to price. However, it takes careful thought and consideration about what kind of picture you need and how you want to shoot your wedding day.
Here we have an easy guide to help you choose the right photographer.

Decide the style of photography:

Different photographers specialize in different styles. Take your time to make a research and learn those styles of wedding photography. After a thorough study, decide which one suits you best. The most common styles are;
- Traditional or classic style
- Photojournalism or documentary style
- Illustrative
- Fashion style
- Wedding film

Book your photographer early:

During wedding season, photographers stay busy. So, book up a year in advance to make sure that you have the best wedding photographer with you. If your wedding day falls on at less popular times, book 6 months in advance. Best photographers will tend to create a reputation, so ask for personal recommendations.

Never hire family or friends:

It may look feasible, but you need a professional who understands the process and possess the required technical skills. A professional can quickly cover the events, can work with a large group of people, and uses a high quality professional camera.

Search a photographer's online presence:

Before hiring any photographer, or, destination wedding planner, search for their credibility. Visit some of the websites to have a look at how they present themselves and what are the services they provide. You may find some of the stunning photographs, but don't get too much excited, ask for some reference.

Make a shortlist of the photographers:

After searching them online, prepare a shortlist and compare their features including offerings, camera quality, price, etc.
- It may be difficult to judge somebody from a website, but you have to try to get some idea regarding their personality, technical skills and style.
- Decide whether you want contemporary, documentary, or fashion-style pictures.
- Add somebody having a little over your budget. It would be helpful to evaluate what each photographer offers for the money charged. 

However, before appointing any photographer, take his/her interview and about the whole process.
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